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How to see more artworks

from Woodbine artists


Visit our website or send us your e-mail address, plus the name(s) of the artist(s) whose works interest you, and any other relevant details, such as size, price range, etc., and we will forward images of any available pieces which may suit your requirements.

Visit the Gallery

Our opening times are 11.00am - 5.00pm, Friday and Saturday. Due to our commitment to visiting artists and clients, and taking part in art fairs, we will close for certain days which will be posted on the website in advance. (Our next closing days will be the 2nd & 3rd of March.)

Allow us to visit you

We frequently take work to clients homes and workplaces. It is always possible to arrange one of these visits.

Art Fairs

We take part in at least two art fairs a year, for which we always have a number of free entry tickets which we will make available through our website. Why not come and visit us!

Jeanne Champion Patrizia Casagranda